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Cares for
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Corporate Responsibilities

    As an Employer

We know that motivated and committed employees are our most valuable asset, we can only fulfil our responsibilities with their help. It is our goal to remain a preferred employer attracting talent from all walks of life which are willing, able and ready to contribute to their continued growth and success.

We create a working environment that encourages initiative and drive, and promotes enjoyment and satisfaction at work. We also enable our employees to work effectively and successfully for our business, and make sure to support our employees’ professional and personal development. Our principle is to place confidence in our employees and trust that they will complete all tasks to the best of their ability, and that they will develop ideas and suggestions that will benefit our business. This is the cornerstone of our management culture.

    As a Business Partner

At different times and in different zones, people are working hard on the products which we buy. As part of a retailer, we value the continued trust placed in our company and our products. This is the reason why, in addition to our code of conduct and corporate management policies, we have designated teams of specialist taking care of the well-being of workers as well as the environment. Our specialists will reach out to every corner of the world to make sure our suppliers, throughout the whole production process, adhere to our standards – beyond the mere compliance of the law and further than social good.

In particular, as a sourcing company, we have long integrated social responsibility in the review of component quality. We make sure that all the factories we work with follow the BSCI and/or SA8000 regulations: We say NO to child labour, excessive overtime, unfair wages, hazardous working conditions and other inhumane treatments. We are committed to create a sustainable environment through treating each person with dignity and respect, and using natural resources responsibly.