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Code of Conduct

    Dealing With Our Employees

• We conduct our business in a way that ensures we are recognised and valued as an attractive employer.
• We prefer to fill vacancies with internal candidates and support inter-departmental and inter-company transfers.
• We select candidates using professional recruitment methods.
• Recruitment decisions follow the four-eye principle and include the line manager.
• We are attentive and well prepared in welcoming new employees on their first day.
• We train every employee comprehensively to prepare them for their role and duties.
• We provide and seek regular feedback to ensure that training is successful.
• We provide a working environment which supports and enables a healthy work-life balance.
• Our remuneration reflects the position, performance and commitment of our employees and the current employment market.
• We provide regular individual employee appraisals assessing performance, conduct and development within the Company.
• We actively support our employees’ professional and personal development.
• We part ways with our employees in a fair, respectful and professional manner.

    Dealing With Our Business Partners

• Our approach towards business partners is competitive and fair.
• We clearly define our performance expectations regarding the delivery of goods and services to avoid uncertainty and potential misunderstandings.
• We keep our promises and agreements and are a trustworthy partner. We expect the same from our business partners in return. Our word is our bond.
• We regularly monitor performance in line with expectations.
• We negotiate competitively with focus on price and performance and are willing to consider new business partners.
• We approach our business partners in a fair and co-operative manner and do not conduct ourselves in a conceited or arrogant manner.
• We communicate in a constructive and professional manner at all times.
• We expect our business partners to improve and optimise their products and services and support them in doing so.
• We are open to constructive ideas and objectively assess their potential to enhance our business.
• We do not accept any gifts or any similar form of incentive from our business partners.

    Dealing With Our Customers

• Our customers are the most important people to our Company. Their wishes are paramount and shape the way we operate.
• We strive to offer our customers full availability across our entire product range at all times.
• We serve our customers in a friendly, respectful and honest manner.
• We satisfy our customers’ queries, requests and issues in a timely manner.
• We always ensure for our customer quality and freshness at the best price.
• We offer our customers clean and tidy stores at all times.
• We provide our customers with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience.