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Company & Management Principles

     Our Company Principles

As an international business we are fully aware of our size and presence in the public eye. We respect cultural variety and recognise differences in values and traditions. Our work is a reflection of our Company Principles and Code of Conduct.

• Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
• Outstanding value for money defines our market position.
• We grow through expansion and continuous improvement in our stores.
• As a retail multiple, we follow a systematic approach.
• Efficient decision making and simple working practices ensure our success.
• We comply with applicable law and internal guidelines.
• In conducting our daily business, we assume economic, social and environmental responsibility.
• It is our duty to be fair to everyone in our Company.
• We respect and support each other.
• We honour our agreements and believe in trust.
• Praise, recognition and constructive criticism shall determine our working atmosphere.
• We surround ourselves with ‘strong’ employees - with support through deputies assured in all areas.

     Our Management Principles

• We agree targets together with our employees, define clear duties, develop tasks and define areas of responsibilities with room for initiative.
• We place confidence in our employees and trust that they will complete all tasks to the best of their ability, and that they will develop ideas and suggestions that will benefit our business.
• We speak to each other openly and promote honest, prompt and direct communication.
• We treat each other fairly and respectfully.
• We honour our agreements with our employees as a trustworthy partner.
• We give regular feedback to our employees on their performance and conduct. We support and motivate by recognition of achievements and constructive criticism.
• We monitor all areas of our business in a results driven and reflective manner. As a team, we are pro-active in identifying and realising improvement potential throughout our organisation.
• We are reliable, trustworthy and loyal – especially in times of crisis and conflict.
• We are open to changes and challenges with the aim of developing and continuously improving our business.